I have long thought I would start a blog, but work and family commitments, plus the learning curve involved put me off.  Of course, Facebook fills a certain little niche that in a way is like blogging, but only with your friends.  The public nature of a website with the potential to reach out to others is appealing.  Since I work at a high school, I have the luxury of summers off.  (The school year is so beyond crazy and now my summers are ramping up too, but it is still SUMMER!)  Some summers I have been disciplined enough to have goals, other not so much.  This summer, I have a few things I want to accomplish.  One being to update the very long overdue overhaul of the Wayne's World of Snakes website complete with blogs for Wayne and myself.  So here I go launching myself into the BLOGOSPHERE!  Good or bad, if I feel the urge to put it out there, here is where I will do it!  My interests range from helping those with disabilities, helping care for animals, painting, arts and crafts, reading biographies and science fiction, listening to 80's pop and Celtic music, going to Renaissance Festival in costume and nature.  


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