Hello again Wayne’s World of Snakes fans! After a 5 year absence, I am back! My wife has graciously taken up the task of massively updating this very stale sight. I have turned to FACEBOOK for my blogs and updates and probably will continue to do so, however, I will also be blogging and putting pictures up on this site. Snake hunting trips these days have been slim to none. I have other priorities now, the kids are getting older, more things going on at the house, but we are still a very mobile family and we still do a lot of travelling. Our next big adventure is heading to the East coast to see relatives and of course, SNAKEHUNTING when we can sneak it in. Stay tuned for future blogs and pictures. Welcome back!!



    Wayne Howell  Snakes have been a passion of his and hobby since he was a small child. He was fortunate to have parents who supported his fascination with reptiles. When he became old enough to drive, he spent his spring and summer vacations snakehunting in West Texas — Del Rio, Sanderson and Big Bend. He first discovered the region back in 1980 when he was involved with a Post Exxon Explorers group. The first places visited were Big Bend National Park and Ft. Davis State Park. He has been in love with West Texas ever since. Wayne has been loving Life, Family, Snakes and the Wide Open Spaces for over 50 years.  


    June 2014